About Rhea Medical Supplies

Providing the best service and fair prices.

Rhea Medical Supplies


Protecting yourself so that you can help others.

Demand is high, and so is the price gouging.

That’s where we step in, our desire is to provide you with the best service and fair prices.

We’ve done all the fact checking and the hard work to make sure that all the products we offer are following the current and most up-to-date guidelines that are required during this time. (Both CE and FDA Certified)

We offer a complete line of Personal Protection Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer and testing kits).

Our masks are FDA approved and made in the manufacturing plants that are on the FDA approved list.

Our staff is on hand to help you with your needs. No order is too large or small.

Pam Lewko, CEO 
(760) 224-7176
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Domingo de Torres, COO 
(619) 847-2487 
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Taylor Lewko, VP Sales & Marketing
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